More About Me

Even while completing my degree in humanities for teaching, I became aware of my passion for real estate, and particularly for exploring the housing market in Seattle and the surrounding region.  I started spending time at open houses, and at 22 years old, while in my junior year at Seattle University, I entered the housing market myself and secured the fourth house I put a bid on.  I was exhilarated by the process and continued to seek open houses for fun.  

Buying and/or selling your home can be an opportunity to truly express your dreams and desires as well as your personality and lifestyle.  Always interested in learning more about people and about the housing options in the area, I am excited to help you, your family, or friends find the perfect home to launch the next chapter of life.  I am equally ready for the opportunity to show your house in its best light and find that new owner for whom it will be the perfect fit.  

 I recently sold that first home I purchased and bought another one that is both a challenge as a 60 year old fixer upper and a chance to carve out my own dream.  I cannot express how much joy it gave me to find a perfect little family for that great starter house that I sold as they move from renting to home ownership.  I am also happy for the house that was my home and that I want to go forward with new owners who will love it. As far as my new house goes, the family who sold it has seen the renovations as they go forward and it makes them happy that their childhood home that saw 6 kids grow up in the 1970’s receive the attention needed to prepare it for the next 30 or so years of living in the 21st century.  

I want to build authentic relationships with my clients.  This is where the energy of the search begins.  No matter what it takes, or how you want to approach this great adventure, I expect to stand with each of my clients to make the real estate experience as enjoyable and magical as I believe it really is. I will bring the same positive energy as I bring to the rest of my life whether working, dancing, climbing the great trails of Washington State, or volunteering as a lifetime member of Girl Scouts.  Life is journey; let’s take this real estate journey together.